About Us

In recent times the Music Industry was top heavy. The Record Labels and big promoters made the money leaving the artists and DJ's scratching around to make a decent living. It forced the life blood of the Music Industry into a dog eat dog world but it's different now!

The internet has opened the doors for all artists to be in control of their work and careers. Many websites offer many avenues for an artist to make their career grow but the responsibility is still on the artist to promote themselves and to get their work heard.

We believe there is a better way.

Our concept is very simple. We create a “business boardroom” where each “director” is focused on their department but we all work in the best interest of each other. It's this simple business solution that makes it all work.

Who are the “directors”? The artist. Our team of DJ's and Musical Umbrella.

Artists focus on what they do best. Be creative and produce their best work. Our DJ's will rate and promote the work to an audience that want to listen to the genre. Musical Umbrella provides the platform for this all to happen and much more.

The vital ingredient, and we think a first anywhere in the world, is royalties for DJ's. Now it all fits. Now we all have an interest. Now it works. DJ's can sign up for free and an artists work will be sent to all DJ's who have an interest in the genre. An artists work could be listened to by a focused audience world wide in matter of days through our DJ's. It is in the best interest of our DJ's, and artists, to promote their Musical Umbrella page on their social network pages instantly creating a potential customer base.

Artists are required to record 320 bit rate MP3's so that our DJ's and customers get the best quality downloads. Our artists are informed of all work taken by our DJ's for promotion. They could be getting informed of DJ's around the world promoting their work to a focused audience. Our artists are also informed of downloads by our customers and both DJ and Artist can keep track of their revenue share through their accounts on Musical Umbrella.

Artists focus on being creative and producing top quality recordings.
DJ's focus on promoting the top quality recordings. Musical Umbrella helps with promotion and provides the platform for customers to purchase the top quality recordings and for venues and Record Labels to chase the artists and DJ's. We all share the profits from the download revenue. 50% to Artists, 25% to DJ's 25% to Musical Umbrella. Simple. There is no hidden agenda.